A different and original way of spending time together

You want to organize a party party for your staff, arrange an end-of-the-year party, celebrate an important date, or just simply get together with your friends…

Many occasions require getting together with employees and/or friends and because of this, our recreation center offers a way for you to combine the atmosphere and bowling with your events.

We are very attentive to each of these elements that we seriously consider when creating and organizing the event you want.

Our structure can be adapted to to your events! End-of-year parties, birthdays, employee parties… Many scenarios are feasible, and we’ll let you check out all our offers on the « Promos » page.



Le Bowling de la Praille puts together the birthday of your dreams! Two offers available below.


Do you want to plan an evening for your employees? Anything is possible! Make your idea happen!


Reserve the entire center for no one but you and your colleagues! Ask for a custom quote!